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Friday, March 14, 2014


I like to present to audiences. I always have. At first it is a bit of an adrenaline rush but later it just feels good to share some success with others. I have presented an assortment of educational topics over the years to an assortment of audiences. Teachers have been my primary audience but parents, employees of an accounting company, the general public, and college students have also been in attendance. And yes, I guess I have an audience of children each day too.

In the past fifteen years my topic has most often been technology. I love gadgets and learning how to make them work for me. The problem solving is often what hooks me and then the joy of putting the solved problem into action keeps me interested. Technology is forever changing which keeps it fresh and my interest piqued.

Yesterday I shared my digital portfolio work with teachers. I shared how my first graders are saving their daily work and assessments  using video, audio, screen casts, and photos. I shared how they and I upload that work to Evernote. I shared how parents, teachers, students, and I benefit from this working digital portfolio.

Each individual in the room is in a different place. Their grade levels vary as do the subjects they teach. Their technology comfort level is unique.  Each gleaned something different from what I shared. Some tried Educreations and Explain Everything for the first time. Others opened an Evernote account and played with it. Still others just listened and watched.

My goal as a presenter is not to have everyone walk away with the same knowledge and skill. My goal is to pique interest and have people leave thinking. Thinking about how they might try one thing differently. Thinking about how they can mix it up for kids when they return to their teaching. Thinking about change, any change at all.


  1. I wish I could have attended. I would like know more, but usually get frustrated because it doesn't respond like I thought it would. I love the way you bring this into your classroom.

  2. I miss the tech integration most of all!