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Saturday, March 15, 2014


Seed packets, seed soil,  and trays are arranged on a table in the foyer. 70 degrees, no light, just right for the beginnings of a flower. Today, I will begin to plant. dianthus, snapdragons, black-eyed susans, columbine,  and more. Wet the soil, pack it into the trays, and scatter seed. Some stay on top of the soil (because they are so tiny) and others get a dusting spread over the top. Cover the trays and wait.

Wait for that first sign of life poking through the rich dark soil. Little cream and green colored stems will push their way through so they may unfurl their leaves and reach for the sun. Then ever so carefully, do not over or under water and expose to sun and artificial light 7-14 hours per day and wait.

Wait for the leaves to double and quadruple. Wait for the roots to full the container. Once root bound, tiny buds will appear. Place outside in shelter and wait.

Wait for the budded flowers to harden off. Give them plenty of protection from the wind but make sure they don't get too hot. Keep them covered at night and wait.

Wait for the last frost of the spring to pass. Then plant those flowers. Plant them around the house, in flower beds, in containers and window boxes. Plant them in green bags that hang from the trees and in whiskey barrels on the dock and by the mailbox. Plant them along paths that meander to the water. Plant until there are no more and wait.

Wait for the spectacular bloom when summer has arrived.


  1. Where we live, there is still 18 + inches on the ground.....but the seeds are on the counter waiting, patiently. We do have a bit of a wait - but sure as the sun will rise, - spring will come.

  2. My daughter just planted grass in a little elephant head yesterday. The thing was on clearance at Target for $1.99. I can't wait to see how she reacts when those first green sprouts come pushing out of the soil!

  3. There are exactly two months from today till what they say is our last frost-free time (May 15th), so I have a lot of waiting to do. Love the way you crafted this post Wanda, taking us through all those tiny steps, until, ka-boom, blooms! Well said!

  4. Oh, what fun! You will get to enjoy Spring before it arrives outdoors in those trays of blooms.